Knit Front Back (KFB)

About The knit front back is a one-stitch neutral increase. It creates two stitches from one. The resulting stitches look like a knit and a purl stitch. How To Western Method Written Instructions Knit into the front loop of the next stitch on the left needle and leave the stitch worked into on the left … Read more

Lifted Left Increase (LLI)

About The lifted left increase is a one-stitch left-leaning increase. How To Western Method Written Instructions Insert the left needle from back to front through the stitch two rows below the stitch just worked on the right needle. Insert the right needle through the back loop of the lifted stitch and knit it. Tutorial Video … Read more

Yarnover (YO)

About The yarnover is a one-stitch neutral increase that leaves a decorative eyelet in the work. Common Names & Abbreviations Yarnover (YO), Yarn Forward (YFWD), Yarn ‘Round Needle (YRN), Yarn Over Needle (YON) How To Western Method Written Instructions Between Knits and Knits: Bring yarn under right needle to the front of the work Bring … Read more